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Building Consultant Melbourne

Do you require the expert advice and services of an independent building consultant in Melbourne? With over 30 years of experience, APT Design can provide specialized building consultancy services. We work with developers, builders, and homeowners to help them make the most of their construction projects and maintain budgets at all times.

Our core expertise is construction and design consultancy. Our dynamic and experienced team will ensure exceptional results for your project. We work to your specifications and agenda while striving for excellence to complete your project on time, on a budget to the highest standards.

Construction Consultants Melbourne

Our construction consultant team understands the hurdles and problems involved in construction projects. We recognize that the delivery of a project on time and on a budget is important to our clients, so we strive for excellence to complete your project on time and on the budget to the highest standard.

Our in-depth experience and sound knowledge of the industry allows us to provide a reliable, professional, timely, and cost-effective solution, whether it’s design or construction phase of the project.

What We Do

Our professional consultancy services cover the following aspects:

  • Project Delivery – Our project delivery consultancy includes commercial management, cash management, contract administration, procurement, cost control, forecasting, planning management, and claim notice drafting.
  • Consulting Services – Claim particulars, delay, and disruption analysis, independent determinations, quantum analysis, claim rebuttals, forensic investigations, litigation support, arbitration support, insurance claims, adjudication support, and export documentation.
  • Construction Planning – Robust and accurate planning is crucial to the success of your construction project. We offer a well-researched and comprehensive construction program. Our experienced planning consultants work with you at every stage from bid through to claims.
  • Contract Administration – Diligent contract administration and stellar commercial management are the two pillars of a successful project. Our consultants can handle the most complex of projects to ensure the right start to your project.

No matter how small or big your project, we work collaboratively with you to make your project easy, simple, and hassle-free.

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Established in 1987, we employ qualified surveyors, forensic planners, and building designers. Our consultants are familiar with every aspect of building design, construction contracts, and heavy engineering and offer sound advice that could be implemented in compliance with the specific requirements of your project.

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